Nutrition for Carnivores

Nutrition: The corner stone of health. It is not different for our feline and canine friends. We are told by breeders, pet store personnel, veterinarians, and animal shelter staff to buy a bag of kibble or a few cans of wet food and feed it to our animals day in, day out. We are made to think that this is the only way to feed our companions and that we are incapable of taking their diet into our own hands.Rabitt

Many animals, especially younger ones, can do fairly well on such commercial diets for a period of time, however after a few years the adverse effects of such unnatural nutrition become evident in many cases. We have witnessed over and over how switching to a natural, raw meat diet benefits and can even restore the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs of all ages.

Reasons for not feeding a commercial diet to cats and dogs:

Reasons for feeding a natural, supplemented raw meat diet:

You can learn how to easily prepare a home made raw meat-based diet for your cat or dog. Contact Susanna for a consultation on how to switch your cat or dog to this new diet. You will be glad you did!

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